What to do if a guy does not make a proposal

Before making any conclusion, you need to understand the reason: “why he will not marry?” This is the most important question in all women’s forums. You are beautiful, smart and flexible. What else does he need? Let’s look at the main reasons and find the answer:

1. He does not believe in himself or in that he can create a family.

2. If the guy had an injury after a past relationship.

3. If the guy does not know what he wants from the relationship.

4. Relationships have grown into a habit.

The first reason is the most common. Most guys just got used to their freedom and they need a very significant reason to change their lives. Unlike girls, attraction and passion are not enough for a man; a special and deep understanding of feelings is needed. To fix this problem, try to understand it. But sometimes men do not see long-term prospects and the question of them will be the most correct decision. Find out if you are in his future. As he sees the relationship in a year and you will receive your answer.

The most difficult type of men is abandoned men. If this happens, then you will see the first costs of such a relationship right away. Fear of betrayal, danger of breaking up relationships, one’s own sense of security. If this happened with excessive cruelty, for example: a ban on seeing children, then without the help of a psychologist you will need a lot of time to solve this problem.

This is a problem for all beginning couples when a young man simply does not know what he wants. Here are a couple of key points:

· Sex. You should feel the greatest attraction to a partner at the time of marriage. Much more than the rest of the girls;

· Good time. There should be outings, interesting joint leisure and mutual friends;

· Admiration from the partner. If a woman does not support her chosen one, but simply demands, then most likely there will simply not be a couple;

· Caring. A man always goes where they are waiting for him, care is manifested in everything.

The last point is the simplest, but for the most part it is irreversible. If your relationship has grown into a habit, you need either a very good family psychologist or just the relationship will not go to a higher level. Many Hollywood stars with money, recognition and appearance simply do not want to make free relationships into something serious because of comfort. This happens when a person does not see development, and the partner does nothing to improve their relationships.

Psychologists have proven that the best step with an official proposal is the interval from 1.5 to 2.5 years. You will already know each other enough, and a sense of passion will help you overcome various obstacles. If a couple was created in this period, then the chance of a strong marriage is much higher. An early marriage due to lack of information about the partner can be destroyed as you enter the blind zone and do not know anything about the partner.

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