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In any video chat it is extremely important to make a positive first impression on the interlocutor, because this issue is very difficult to change in the future. In this article, we will consider several rules that will help you get in touch during the best video chat with a new person and really charm him or her.

So what is a so-called effect of the first impression? This is an opinion about the stranger which was formed within the first minutes of the meeting. It influences the further evaluation of his or her activity and personality. Even in real life, when you are among people who are unfamiliar, you involuntarily draw attention to the one who confidently behaves and talks, whose body language is understandable for you. This behavior causes respect and desire to join the conversation.

The first impression depends on the following factors:

  • The ability to control the body,  namely gestures, gaze, posture, facial expressions.
  • Voice and intonation – timbre, confidence in voice, or excitement.
  • The meaning of the words spoken. This factor does not matter in the first minutes of dating, but make difference further.

There are several rules that need to be adhered to.

  • Do not try to make a good impression

Yes, exactly. Everything goes completely wrong if you are trying to make a good impression. You cannot relax, because instead of participating in a pleasant conversation you will think about how to succeed. You will fail to pay attention to the interlocutor if you are absorbed by yourself, your reactions, facial expressions, gestures and behavior.

  • Be yourself

Perhaps the most significant impression of another person will be something like “He was himself.” Of course, this does not exclude the need to learn the skills and techniques of communication and develop those to become even better. Hypocrisy is seen by people instantly, even if they cannot explain it in words. The interlocutor will feel uncomfortable if your words contradict  to the manner of behavior, or when your sad mood is combined with a smile. In the latter case, you need to learn how to cheer yourself up.

  • Learn to have fun with interlocutors

Everything can go wrong if you do not like people and to communicate with them. If you join flirt video chat it envisages your ability to deal with people. If not, what do that?  Study psychology, try to find inner motivation, because this is a key point for you. As it has been already mentioned, people feel hypocrisy, so you need to learn not to fake emotions, but in fact to experience them. Be friendly, smiling, and tactful.

Video chat platforms have brought up many introverts into Internet; this is really lucky time for them. After a while you will understand that you enjoy the very process of communication and understanding people. Learn to listen and tell interesting stories.

If you sincerely enjoy communication, other users will encourage you by their smiles and kind words. You no longer need to artificially try to make a good impression. However, this does require a lot of work on you.

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