How to please a girl on a first date


Dating Tricks

If, at the thought of a first date, your hands sweat, your forehead is covered with beads of sweat, and your heart contracts, then you are an ordinary man. Anxiety, nervousness from waiting for a date is normal. Many brutal guys are also worried before the first romantic meeting, they just do not show it. If you like a lady, but are worried about the upcoming meeting, then try the following tips in action:

· Be confident. Calm down, breathe deeply, and try to be yourself. You do not have to pretend to be smart, rich, or an astronaut. Talk about what you are good at and competent in. The girl has already agreed to a meeting.

· Praise yourself. How else can a lady know what you are: smart, brave, dexterous, talented, comprehensively gifted person. The main thing is to do it tactfully, without pathos, loud phrases. Incidentally, notice that you passed the session perfectly, passing by the restaurant, tell us about how delicious you cook. An important condition is to talk about real achievements. If you lie about your merits, the deception will quickly open up. You will not have a second chance to please your chosen one.

· Show your kindness, concern. You can tell how you saved a kitten that climbed a tree or helped a neighbor, a pensioner. The chosen one will understand that you are a broad-minded person and will certainly be imbued with feelings. Good-natured people always have to themselves, inspire confidence, awaken sympathy.

· Be cheerful, sociable. The first date is excitement, trembling knees. But you are a guy, decisive actions are expected of you. So take a deep breath, become a nice guy with whom you can discuss any topic. It is better, of course, to take general topics so that the girl not only listens to you, but also speaks herself. If there is an annoying trouble, try to translate it into a joke. A cheerful disposition will help to find mutual understanding, make friends.

· Look stylish, neat. At the same time, looking neat is much more important than style and having cool things. If your “fashionable bow” is all stained with ketchup, gasoline or dirty smudges, then it is not worth it. Most likely, the girl will refuse to continue communicating with the sweaty, shaggy type. Better to be clean, smell fresh and a little cologne.

· Give compliments. Any lady will be glad to hear compliments addressed to her. Say that your lady has expressive eyes or beautiful hair color. It is difficult to argue with such statements even for insecure girls. This will melt the ice between you, position the chosen one to you. By the way, many of the fair sex pretend that compliments do not work on them. Although in fact, deep down, they certainly have their effect.

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