How to entertain yourself in a chat

Thousands of people visit chat-roulettes every day. Since the interlocutors are selected in a random way, most users just have fun.

How can you make your visit of Omegle or Chatroulette fun? Let’s talk about some of the tips.

Popular ways

Surprise will help you to have fun. Impress a random interlocutor immediately. For example, appear in an unusual suit with some loud sound (clap, shot). Watch the reaction of a person on the other side of the screen. This is quite funny! But do not overdo it with the volume of the sound, the eccentricity of the suit or excessive suddenness. What if the user has a weak nervous system?

There are programs that make it possible to disappear. If you are actively using Chatroulette and Omegle, you must have met such people. You had a nice conversation and suddenly the interlocutor disappears, and after him there is only a chair. There is no secret here. Similar tricks are possible with programs like ManyCam. Download it and get acquainted with the functionality. Live disappearance is a great joke for an online chat.

There are radical ways to have fun. Some users imitate murders, tortures, arrange sadistic scenes. Someone finds this fun, but most users turn to tech support, and pranksters are banned for such jokes. We do not recommend to do it.

For talented people

A lot of musicians, poets and artists use chat-roulettes as a tool to promote their creativity. For example, there is a talented pianist with a YouTube channel called Greg Music. Every day he sits in chat-roulette and plays very beautiful and famous tunes on the synthesizer.

Nobody switches him. Usually a dialogue is opened in the style of “… can you play this? …”, “… what is your name? …”, “… how to find you on social networks? ” He enjoys his favorite hobby, has fun in online chat and gives pleasure to others.

Users with a good sense of humor will find plenty of entertainment for themselves. If you know a couple of tricks, you can have a good laugh at the reaction of the interlocutors. You can tell a funny joke and watch the reaction of the user.

Shy people can overcome their fear with chat-roulette. Of course, their communication can hardly be called entertainment. But you can overcome the discomfort in communicating with a random interlocutor easily and effortlessly. The chance to meet a person alive is very small, and the probability of overcoming the fear of communicating with people is great. Why not combine entertainment with self-development?

Rely on the tips above when looking for a way to have fun in a random chat. Chatroulette is the place where you can come for a good mood and give it to your interlocutor.

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