How To Catch Attention Of A Girl


Dating Tricks

How can you effectively attract the girl’s attention and start a conversation with her?

In real life many guys, after meeting a charming beauty, begin to think how to attract her, because the start of a conversation requires some efforts. You cannot go up to a strange girl and say: “I like you, let’s be friends.” Modern females are very demanding in choosing guys. So men need to master some life hacks of dating.

The good news is that in online dating everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. So we wish the guys success in this endeavor, and share advice that can help in winning a beautiful stranger.

Here are some proven methods to win any female’s heart while video chatting:

  • Humor.  It helps to react sensibly to various life situations, and online video chat is not an exception at all. Girls do not like men who complain about life. Therefore, if you are prone to melancholy, forget about  it during video cam chat!

Intrigue her, arouse curiosity. Everyone knows the fact that girls are curious creatures who want to be aware of all events. Therefore, the guy should take advantage of this. However, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to impress a girl in positive sense, so do not take any radical steps that can only have a negative effect on the first impression.

  • Attention. Communicate carefully and with attention. A girl on a subconscious level is looking for a man who can protect her. This does not mean protection in the literal sense, when a man is required to show his strength. In online chat, protection implies moral support, caring for small things. For example, ask her about her mood, work problems etc. This behavior will immediately make her closer to you, and will become a good asset for future acquaintance.
  • Funny beginning of a conversation. You should think carefully on this option before you start acting. Since you do not know for sure how the acquaintance will end, you should pay attention to its beginning, which can help to continue it. The phrase should contain a hidden compliment to the appearance of the woman.  Do not think that these phrases will not work, that they are trivial and old as the world. Because if these “old-fashioned” phrases for acquaintance have been used for a long time, it means they make sense. Especially this method works, when the girl is in a good mood and is able to react vividly to jokes. Sometimes girls are not tuned to jokes, so you should resort to using other methods.

Doesn’t matter whether this is video cam chat, take it as a real conversation and real perspective of relationships. Underline you moral strength, your good mood, and reliable shoulder. Nevertheless, in the course of the chat, focus on the fact that you understand that she can be upset or tired, and you want to improve her mood.

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