How not to fail the first date with a guy

The first meeting with the guy you like is always exciting. What to wear? How to behave at a meeting? Kiss him or not? Finding answers to these questions puts most girls at a standstill, so we decided to make it easier for you and give some useful tips on the rules of behaviour on your first romantic date. So, let’s begin!

The choice of outfit

A competent selection of clothes and makeup on the first date plays a great role. You should try to make the guy as positive as possible, so pay special attention to your appearance. There are no special requirements for the selection of clothing items – the main thing is that you feel confident and comfortable.

Talk or keep silence?

Silence on the first date is highly undesirable. Try to conduct a dialogue slowly and judiciously – so you show your interest in communicating with a guy and you can convince him that he is really interesting to you. As for intimate topics, for example, sex, it is better not to touch them with a real acquaintance, because you may simply be misunderstood and be considered some kind of slut. Behave with dignity and restraint – you can easily demonstrate to a guy your seriousness and desire to establish a long-term relationship.

Kisses and hugs

It is possible to embrace a guy on a first date, but only if this desire is completely mutual. The same applies to kisses. Of course, it is not worth falling into a hug right away.

Do I accept an invitation to visit?

Some guys prefer to invite the girl on a first date to their home. Let’s say right away – such an offer should never be accepted, because you do not know who is actually hiding on the other side of the monitor – a decent person or a pervert. It is better to arrange a meeting in a neutral territory where you can feel not only comfortable, but also safe. A great option for a date is the cafe or bar. If you like to walk outdoors, then invite the guy to go to the park or square – if he really likes you, then he is unlikely to refuse you.

On the whole, there is nothing wrong with your first date with a guy, especially if you have already talked with him in Omegle and Chatroulette. Behave naturally, communicate and do not be afraid – you will succeed!

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