Flirting with a woman in a TinyChat

Men often use social media or video chats to meet women. But one meeting is not enough, since the girl still needs to be attracted. To do this, you must use the art of flirting. TinyChat provides everything: the ability to write messages and talk in a video room. Now it is up to you.

Basic rules for successful flirting with a woman

Many men consider flirting something mysterious and ineffective. But it is not true. We flirt with people sometimes without realizing it. And having learned to do it correctly, you can get a lot of attention and appreciation from women.

Flirting is a game between people, which is expressed in sympathy and the desire to attract attention and interest the interlocutor. There are 5 basic rules for successfully attracting girls. They will help you learn how to flirt correctly.

1) Smile more often. Women love cheerful and positive men who are not shy about joking and smiling. A flirting smile is different: it should be natural and fleeting, no tension or stiffness. No need to express benevolence, you need to show interest and desire to attract a woman.

2) Compliment. Girls love compliments, they are pleased to hear them. Pay attention to hair, manicure, makeup, clothing, and manners. Such attentiveness will quickly do its job and will not leave your efforts without a reward.

3) When communicating via video, try to make eye contact. You do not have to look at the lips or hair all the time. Make an eye contact, but not constantly. Sometimes you need to look at something else. It is recommended to focus on girl’s eyes.

4) Do not forget to joke. Girls love men with a good sense of humor. But it is worth avoiding political, religious, moral and feminist jokes, as they can offend a person’s worldview.

5) Show concern. It will not be superfluous to recommend the girl to dress warmer in the cold season or drink a mug of hot tea after a hard day’s work.

6) Show interest in the other person’s hobbies and interests. Best of all, read a book, watch a movie, or study the subject she was talking about.

7) Try to act like a grown man. If you are hoping for a more serious development of events, then you need to comply.

8) Give the girl a lot of attention. You do not need to write or call every five minutes, but a few messages a day will be enough. So the woman will reciprocate.

These simple rules will help you win a woman’s heart, even from a distance.

In addition, the resources of the TinyChat app provide the ability to use emoticons. They perfectly dilute boring correspondence and make it livelier. But do not use them too often.

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