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The Internet with its services has entered our daily life. Every year the number of services and opportunities that are provided on the Internet is increasing. A huge number of people use the Internet to make money and do business. Here they study and have fun, share information and look for new people. A very large number of people use the Internet to communicate.

Online communication is a popular way to spend your free time

The lack of ordinary communication can, to a certain extent, be compensated for by communication in the Internet, and an increasing number of people choose only this form of communication.

Online communication using a webcam and a microphone is the most demanded service. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that most users have computers with webcams and microphones and phones. On the other hand, this is due to the sufficient quality of a video chat. Thirdly, services for communication are simple, accessible and intuitive.

On the Internet, you can find many resources that make it possible to communicate privately with one user or with a group of people in video chat mode. A special place among other video chats is occupied by chat-roulette. Such a service provides an opportunity to communicate with a random interlocutor, whom the resource itself selects for you.

Most popular video chats

There are really many services for video communication on the Internet. Some are more popular. Others are less well known, but no less functional. Let’s consider some of them.

Some of the earliest video chat services are Omegle and Chatroulette. They appeared at about the same time and gave a serious impetus to the development of similar services.

The main features of these resources are:

· The ability to use for free and without registration;

· It is possible to indicate the gender of the interlocutor and the country in which he is located;

· Along with video chat, there is a text chat.

One of the most popular services for online communication is the Chatrandom resource. This service makes it possible to communicate with a randomly selected interlocutor. In addition, unlike other similar services, Chatrandom provides special chat rooms with a specific topic for communication. For example, it can be chat rooms for movie or music lovers.

The Chatspin service is quite popular and is supported by the main operating platforms. Among its features:

· The ability to choose an interlocutor based on gender;

· Use a webcam and a microphone for video mode and a keyboard for text messaging for communication;

· Indicate a partner’s geographical position;

· Use computers and phones.

Considering the possibilities of the service for communication Tinychat, it is worth noting that this popular resource has an important distinguishing feature from previous services. It consists in the ability to communicate both with one interlocutor and with a group of people. Such a group within one chat room cannot exceed 12 people.

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