5 rules of first date with a girl


Dating Tricks

Real meetings, virtual chats – in the modern world there are many ways to carry out a date in an original way. Whichever option you choose, it is important to behave correctly. To avoid getting screwed up on your most important first date, follow these simple rules.

· Choice of meeting place. There are obvious bad places to meet. It is unlikely that a lady will like a museum of soldiers, a roadside eatery or a cemetery. Therefore, the choice of a place for a date must be approached responsibly. Choose cozy cafes, picturesque parks. If you are lovers of online communication and hang out in the Omegle or Chatroulette, then you can invite a girl to a virtual concert or a movie screening.

· Humor. Prepare ahead of time and stock up on a few modern jokes. The main thing is to use them in the right place at the right time. Agree, if the chosen one talks about the loss of her beloved cat, you should not poison jokes about animals. You can download some memes. During an awkward pause or silence, show the pictures and laugh together. Do not forget to move the phone further away. Chances are good that you will get stuck in it and your first date will fail.

· Attention, care. Show it in small things and large-scale promotions. Analyze the girl’s mood, ask about the cause of this state. Both good and bad mood can be noted. Based on the situation: you can have fun together or sympathize with your friend. In the second case, offer help in solving the problem, give a couple of practical tips. A simple example of concern, offer your jacket or at least a scarf if you see that the chosen one is cold. Walk home after dark.

· Flowers. Sweets. Compliments. Do you think a girl will be happy to meet a guy or a date with the same guy, but with a bouquet of flowers? The answer is obvious. Flowers delight the eye and heart. Sweets give happiness, arrange a holiday for the stomach. Compliments caress the ear, warm the soul. Choose your own way to please the lady. Do not forget to note at the end of the meeting that the evening was unforgettable, of course, you can immediately schedule a second meeting.

· Confidence and courage should be your credo on the first date. If the girl is indecisive and cannot decide on the choice of a cafe, then take command into your own hands. Find a cozy spot where you can communicate a lot without being distracted by other diners. An important condition is that you need to know in advance the cost of dishes in the institution, otherwise there is a chance to look ridiculous and funny.

Finally, let’s develop doubts about self-doubt. If a girl agreed to meet, a date came, then she is really interested in you. She wants to get to know you better, is ready to start a relationship. Use this opportunity. Even if it did not go well at first, do not give up. There are no perfect people. Everyone makes mistakes sooner or later. The main thing is to correct them.

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