5 rules for kissing a guy


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A kiss with a guy is a moment that takes a girl’s relationship with a guy to a new level. It allows you to feel how close a person is to you, whether the first impression was deceiving, whether it is worth moving to a new stage of relations.

How to make the first kiss remain in your memory for many years? The article provides 5 basic rules for kissing a guy, which will help to leave an exciting feeling.

5 rules for a good kiss

1. Being ready.

This rule is neglected by many. But most girls will not go on a date without brushing their teeth or eating something with an unpleasant smell (onion, garlic) for lunch.

A kiss can be considered a failure if one of the partners smells unpleasant. It will not only not give pleasure, but also leave negative emotions.

If there is no opportunity to brush your teeth, then during a date you can eat some fruit (apple, kiwi, citrus fruits). A simple trick can easily save the situation.

2. Touch.

If you immediately begin to kiss a girl, it can scare away her, a guy, create a bad opinion about you. You must carefully touch each other, watching the reaction from both sides. If both take hugs for granted, without any uncomfortable sensations, then you can move on to kisses. You can understand that partner is ready to move on to the next stage of the relationship without words.

3. Hugs.

A kiss is not just about touching your lips. Gentle but strong hugs will allow you to feel various emotions, which will subsequently be remembered for a long time.

Additional pleasure can be obtained from touching the head, neck, face, hair, back, shoulders, arms. Such touches will help to relax your partner.

4. Movements.

Kiss requires diversity. Each time you need to kiss your partner in different ways. A kiss can be sudden, planned, be closer, further to each other. The more diverse moments, the more impressions remain with both partners.

To enhance the impression of a kiss, a girl can kiss a guy sitting on his lap.

5. A kiss should not be too long.

Too long a kiss can cause discomfort, spoil the romantic moment. This is a rule that not everyone knows.

For the first kiss, 10 seconds is enough, after which it is necessary to break away from the partner and look into each other’s eyes to evaluate the impression.

Many girls worry about the first kiss with a guy they like. But if the relationship arose on the basis of mutual affection, feelings, if there is an invisible connection between the partners, then you do not need to be afraid of a kiss. Do everything as your heart tells you, instinct and everything will turn out perfectly.

The first kiss for many is a really important moment, especially if the relationship lasted for many years.

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