5 rules for flirting with a girl


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Talking in chat-roulettes, you can find not only good friends, but also a soulmate. How to attract a woman’s interest with only a conversation? Let’s figure out how to win an interlocutor.


Women are attentive and pay attention to details. It is important to put on ironed clothes, tidy your hair, remove stubble and take care of manicure. Despite the widespread belief that girls do not like well-groomed guys, this is just speculation. You should not combine more than three colors in clothes so as not to look ridiculous.

It is important to clean the teeth, both in terms of hygiene, and in the context of the examination by the dentist. Impeccable style and well-groomed appearance are the key to success.


The weaker sex is pleased to communicate with men with a velvet timbre. If nature has not endowed you with such, then you can put it. There are exercises on the Internet that allow you to train your ability to speak in a chest voice.

There are courses in oratory. No need to be afraid to speak loudly and expressively. Women are more likely to respond to guys with a loud voice. It is important not to overdo it with loudness.

Eye contact

When communicating with a girl you like, you need to understand the importance of the look directed at her. The interlocutor sees that the man’s attention is riveted only to her and enjoys the dialogue. Women love to be listened to. No need to interrupt, it is better to delve into the story with interest. Nods, suggestive questions and pauses will show genuine interest in the narrator. Do not constantly look at the girl. It is important to look natural.

Evoke emotions

In order for the girl to want to call back and continue the conversation next time, she needs to get an emotional response from her. What can be done:

1. Make her laugh. Humor must not be vulgar. Not everyone is ready to endure greasy jokes.

2. Interested in their profession, answering evasively. Telling the whole truth can seem trite. It is important to fuel interest.

3. Add piquancy to the conversation, clearly hinting at the attractiveness of the lady.

4. Show your style of reasoning to convince the interlocutor of adequacy.

5. Maintain a conversation by telling fascinating stories. When expressing thoughts, it is worth minimizing the story and not go into details about strangers to her.

It is important that communication does not become boring. It is better to cause a storm of emotions, then the chosen one will be aware of the significance of a man. The more emotions a girl puts in, the more she will be attracted to a man.

Useful conversation topics

When attracting a girl, it’s worth understanding that the fair sex loves to discuss:

· Relationship between people;

· Compatibility of horoscope partners;

· The existence of fate;

· Fashion and style;

· Hobbies;

· The secret of your name.

Women love it when they ask for their advice. It may surprise you by preparing an interesting psychological test. Touching any topic, it is important to accidentally give a compliment. The main thing in flirting is lightness. You need to relax and tune in to playful behavior. Tension will not be the best ally in winning the heart of a woman.

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