5 questions for communication with strangers

Communication with a stranger is a real stress. You are trying to establish contact with an unknown person and also to learn a little about his/her life. Creating a trustful relationship is not easy, especially for shy people. And if we are talking about online communication, then there are a lot of them. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare. We decided to make the TOP 5 questions for the first online date.

About general information

Ask about where a stranger studies or works and so on. This information will be useful for you. Thanks to it, you can create a ‘portrait’ of a person and understand what he/she is. This group of questions may help you to find your friend by interest.

About the weather

This topic is usually discussed when there is nothing more to talk about. However, the dialogue can be quite curious if you live in different countries.

About childhood

A lot of people remember school years. Ask about the games he/she played with the peers (most likely, you also played something similar), about the birthdays that his/her parents arranged for him/her, about the brightest moments.

About dreams and plans

All people dream about something. Therefore, these questions are another topic for the first meeting in an online chat.

Ask what the interlocutor dreamed about as a child, what he wanted to reach, what his plans are now, and whether there are unfulfilled cherished dreams.

About favorite ways to relax

Some people spend a vacation on the sofa, others go to different countries. Tourists traveling abroad can also be divided into groups. Some of them adore being in the UAE, Thailand, Turkey, and others love to look around European cities.

Ask a question about the last visited country, about favorite places in Russia, about how the interlocutor spends his/her free time at home at the weekend.

Popular ways for communication

All these tips will be useful for communication in Omegle and Chatroulette. The most popular of them is Chatroulette. It is the development of one Russian student. The site impresses with its simplicity. On the right there are the windows for a video chat, on the left there is a field for correspondence.

Among the advantages of Omegle are the possibility of choosing the country of the interlocutor, an unmoderated area, a brighter (compared to Chatroulette) design.

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