5 mistakes in online communication

Communication in the Internet differs from communication in real life. There is no need to follow some of the rules of decency. You do not have to wear a special dress for a first date, there is no need to prepare a present for a new friend, and if you do not like your interlocutor, you can always switch to another person. But even in online communication people make mistakes.

Discussion uncomfortable topics

Chats are created for fun. Anyone who uses such sites wants to distract from the surrounding reality. They want to forget about problems at work, in school, in ordinary life.

Therefore, do not ask the interlocutor about something, if you see a change in his mood after the first question on a particular topic. Talk to him about hobbies, favorite places to relax and so on.

Taboo jokes

Perhaps your friends like to laugh at members of sexual minorities, death. However, when you meet person for a first time, it is better not to touch on such issues.

Choose objects for jokes more carefully. Take into account that humor should be used as a way to find a common language.

Making value judgements

Do not try to characterize the person you see for the first time. Your guesses may be wrong. Do not judge by appearance or behavior. First, give the person a chance to open up, and only then form an opinion about him/her.

Obscene language

The obscene words are increasingly losing their aggressive meaning by increasing the frequency of use. But still at the first meeting it is better not to use obscene language, otherwise you can create a bad impression about yourself. The meaning of communication can be lost. As soon as you speak obscene language, your look of a nice and friendly guy/attentive girl will be ruined.

Discussion of intimate topics

Do not ask questions about sexual preferences and the number of partners at the very beginning of the conversation. To discuss such topics the interlocutors should trust each other.

Popular chats for communication

They are Omegle and Chatroulette. Omegle has modern design, the ability to select the interlocutor, a separate unmoderated chat area. However, Chatroulette has much bigger audience. One of the secrets of Chatroulette’s popularity is simplicity.

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