Private Investigations Often Require Surveillance – Veritas Associates, LLC

Private Investigations Often Require Surveillance
– Veritas Associates, LLC

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“When doing private investigation, surveillance can be a key tool in uncovering evidence that can lead to the conviction or result that you want in your case. Surveillance can track people in their movements and find out if they’re going to locations that they say they are not going to, or if they are present at the place where a crime is committed. Surveillance can also uncover illegal activity on the part of one party or another party in activities like child custody disputes.

In surveillance, you might find that one party is participating in illegal drug solicitation or selling, and then, trying to claim to be the best parent for the child, and you can use the evidence you found during your surveillance investigation to help award custody to the best suited parent in a child custody investigation. So, surveillance can be a terrific tool for helping an Arizona private detective or private investigator uncover evidence needed to bring justice, and bring about the best outcome for the party who is in the right.”

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