Rules of communication with strangers in the chat

Chats, where you can discuss any theme and get acquainted, are interesting to modern people who spend a lot of time on the Internet. You should be able to make a conversation with a stranger to enjoy online communication. That is why you should know the main rules of behavior in the chat.

  • Take a closer look

At the beginning you should learn how and what discuss people in the chat. Many sites have already developed their own style of communication. The process of getting used to the new rules by a beginner is gradual. You should not impose your mindset on strangers. This will cause only aggression.

  • Find out the established rules of talking to the interlocutors

First of all, you should find out how the participants communicate with each other. Some people talk to strangers like they are their friends, others communicate more politely. For instance, in first case you may say ‘you’ and in the second ‘mr’ or ‘mrs’/’miss’.

  • Stay on topic of the conversation

If you really want to become a member of the chat, write interesting messages. The messages out of the topic of the conversation are not interesting at all, they cause only irritation. You can be even banned for it on some sites.

  • Do not be rude

Rudeness is often found on the Internet. But if you want to stay in the chat for a long time, you should not respond rudely to your interlocutors. You should argue and defend your opinion in the correct form. Moreover, you can ignore nasty interlocutors. You can always find someone in the chat to talk to, without spoiling your mood or damaging your reputation.

  • Write correctly

Using capital letters is regarded as a sign of aggression on the chat. ‘Caps lock’ means scream. Some beginners, to stand out, begin to write everything in capital letters. It is not welcome. Moreover, it is often prohibited by the rules of the online site. Write messages in normal font. If you are an interesting person, you will be noticed be other interlocutors.

  • Do not play along

In many chats people are divided into several groups. Sometimes, in order to become one of the members of the online community, a newcomer begins to support one of the companies. Unfortunately, it looks ridiculous, especially when adults communicate with each other. Do not play along. In time, a company will accept you or you will begin to communicate with all groups equally.

  • Do not forget about security

Even if communication is successful, remember that you know nobody there. Do not share your secrets. Do not tell about yourself, your family and relatives too much. Do not participate immediately in the charity, especially if the chat is private. There are a lot of frauds in the chats. If you can send pictures in the chat, do not immediately show your personal photos.

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