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Bodyguards and Close Protection for Personal Protection may be required for many different reasons, whether it be for Company Executives, Celebrities or VIP’s or for a Family outing.Our Bodyguards and Close Protection Officers are Highly Trained, Experienced AND Professional Operatives who are very discreet and are able to protect you Worldwide 24hrs a day at any Threat Level.We have a vast number of ex Special Forces and ex Armed Special Branch Police Officers to Protect you, should your threat level be high.Using Only Experienced Close Protection Operatives in this field, Our Bodyguards can blend in with the people and surroundings they have been assigned to – we can discreetly provide the necessary Close Protection, so that the subject can go about his or her daily activities.

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Veritas Associates, LLC

Scottsdale Arizona Private Investigator, serving the entire Phoenix metro and all of Arizona.
Retired Federal Officer Joe Gordon is a Private Detective in AZ.
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