Pre-Investment Investigations

Scrutinize Investments for Validity and Accuracy of Disclosures

Pre-Investment Investigations with our prive detectives in Flagstaff AZThe market is unpredictable enough!! Do not lose your life savings to fraud!! Before you invest in any opportunity that is out of the mainstream, allow our private investigators located throughout Arizona to conduct a thorough investigation of the premises and players. We believe that anyone who would object to such an inquiry is someone that you should not be dealing with in the first place. Our goal is to protect you from fraud or give you information that supports your belief that the investment is legitimate.

Given the current economy, it comes as no surprise that many people look for ways to bring extra money into their households. With more people looking for investment opportunities, however, just as many people want to scam investors out of their money. Before a person invests any money, he or she should have the opportunity investigated to ensure that it is a legitimate offer. The Internet and major newspapers are full of advertisements for investment opportunities, sometimes promising big earning potential and large returns. However, many of these advertisements are dishonest and only seek to gain people’s banking information to drain their accounts. Hiring a private detective can help Arizona families protect their assets and keep their money in their accounts by revealing scam artists and opportunists. Before people agree to any investment deal, sign any paperwork, or reveal any banking information, they are urged to hire a detective who can investigate the deal and the person offering the opportunity.

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