People generally do not go into a marriage expecting to be divorced later. However, many marriages today end in divorce. Divorces can occur for any number of reasons. Regardless, couples nearly always want quick resolution to their court cases. Sometimes quick resolutions can be difficult to achieve, particularly when spouses disagree about matters that include division of assets and child custody. When people want to ensure that their best interests are protected during the legal process, they are encouraged to complete a divorce investigation that could help them present a solid case to the judge.

Scottsdale Divorce Private Investigation By Veritas IntellJudges are often tasked with the duty of making sure that each person in the marriage gets his or her fair share of property and assets. Phoenix judges require that people present bank records, property deeds, loan papers, and other documents that help judges discover a couple’s net worth and to whom the property rightfully belongs. Many couples agree to split equally the assets and property that were gained during the marriage. Property and assets that were obtained prior to the union often remain with the original owner.

However, sometimes people get greedy and do not want to disclose money, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and other assets that are in their possession. They want to keep this property to themselves rather than allow it to be divided with the other spouse. When the other spouse suspects that the other person is withholding such information, he or she can hire a private detective to find out what property is being hidden. By opting for a divorce investigation, that client can show the judge that the other party is hiding assets and ensure that he or she has access to money that could rightfully belong to him or her.

Along with property division, Phoenix judges are often looked to help couples settle their child custody disputes. It used to be that mothers kept the custody of the children, except in the most extreme cases of neglect and incompetence. However, today’s divorcing couples are judged equally in court to determine who would be the better caretaker. Sometimes people put on an act in front of the judge to make themselves appear to be more competent and caring than they actually are. Even if the other spouse protests and argues that the other person is not capable of caring for their children, a judge could still decide to award custody to that other individual.

To protect their children from an unstable parent and to ensure that they retain custody, people could hire an Arizona private detective to uncover proof that substantiates their custody arguments. Detectives may be able to discover drug abuse, neglect, criminal behavior, and other areas of concern that could pose a harm to the couple’s children. With this information in hand, the petitioning parent can petition the judge and ask that primary custody be awarded to him or her. Some judges even may pose restrictions on visitation if the negligent parent is deemed to be enough of a risk.

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