Investigate Personal Auto Theft

Auto theft plagues people and businesses alike. It is a major source of crime in Arizona and one of the leading types of theft in the country.

Our criminal detectives in Phoenix can help investigate a auto theft situtation.There are many car theft prevention devices, including data dots, GPS, Ignition Interlock, car alarms, pedal locks and more. Yet, despite all this, vehicle theft is common as a crime. Police detectives are often too overwhelmed by the sheer volume of thefts to handle the investigations thoroughly. A good criminal investigator in Phoenix can be hired privately to help track down the perpetrators, recover your assets, and obtain justice. The ideal investigator for these types of crimes would be one with a law enforcement background.

Phoenix Arizona criminal investigators are often employed in the shipping and trucking industries to investigate incidents of truck hijackings, commercial theft, cargo theft, cargo losses, and even the stealing of entire trucks. These industries are often plagued by auto theft and its related crimes. An Arizona licensed private detective can be instrumental in reducing loss from this type of criminal activity.

Investigate Personal Theft

The perpetrators of many residential and personal thefts are often known to the victim and can include family members, acquaintances, neighbors, and other relations. One may wish to have the matter investigated discreetly so the third party is unaware that an investigation is taking place. A Phoenix private investigator is able to handle matters far more delicately and diplomatically than a local law enforcement agent.

A private eye can often gain the trust and confidence of the persons related to an investigation in a way that a uniformed officer would be unable to do. Using proper investigative techniques such as surveillance, witness interviews, and other evidence gathering techniques, the Scottsdale Arizona private eye can often bring enough proof to law enforcement to make an arrest and uphold a conviction.

Personal theft often does not get assigned the resources needed to solve the crime due to a shortage of man power at the local law enforcement level. Often the targets of theft are prone to being victimized again when the theft goes unsolved. Protect yourself and your family from thieves with the help of a qualified criminal investigator.

Investigate Commercial Theft

Phoenix Criminal InvestigatorsMajor thefts of large items such as heavy construction equipment and large commercial loads being shipped cross country are being stolen daily nationwide. Tractors and trailers are stolen constantly in order to allow the thieves to load or connect to their true target cargo; whether a load of tires or flat screen TVs. Proper care for your equipment is not a consideration to the thieves so the sooner it is recovered in Arizona by our private investigators, the less likely you will experience a costly insurance claim and loss of confidence from your customers.

As private investigators located throughout Arizona we have developed substantial experience in investigating transportation crimes. We also have the resources and technical communication networks connected to a wide array of sources across the United States that will increase the numbers of those on the lookout for your property. The experience of our private investigators with our Arizona and national network greatly enhances the chances of our private investigators of recovering your property while still in Arizona, before it is damaged, cut into parts or taken out of the country.

Many industries utilize high value equipment in their day to day operations. Safeguarding these materials is of the utmost importance to a business that requires them for day to day operations. It is also important to minimize loses so as to keep insurance premiums low. For these reasons and many more, a qualified criminal detective in Phoenix Arizona can be an invaluable money saving part of your operation. In the risk management game it is well known that crime prevention and detection is far preferable to crime solving and asset recovery. Mitigating your losses and having an active deterrent is an important part of any overall business strategy. A good private detective can be a highly effective way of preventing these types of commercial theft.

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