How to Use Social Media in Phoenix Private Investigations

Using Social Media During Phoenix Arizona Private InvestigationsIn the age of digital information, using social media as part of our routine investigative work is not only good to do, it is vital and would be negligent to omit it. Whether you are looking to investigate someone locally here in Phoenix or someone who is elsewhere in the US, social media can find out more than you think.

Police and Phoenix Private Investigators now use twitter and facebook to locate suspects. Unbelievably, perpetrators will post on facebook or other social media, even while hiding from the law. Common sense tells you that nobody would do this, but amazingly, people do. And there they will be checked in on Foursquare at a local club here in Phoenix.

What you see on tv with fast paced action and high speed chases is nothing like the real world of detectives. Patient, thorough study of crumbs left on the internet, long stakeouts and public records checking, these are more realistic scenarios.

Horrific oversharing is a matter of daily ritual for a high percentage of the population where people report on everything from what they ate for breakfast, to whether they worked out or not and of course where they are all the time. This trail of breadcrumbs becomes a whole loaf very quickly
and people can be caught before you know it.

More and more scandals have come up with evidence rampant on social media sites. The recent rape case in Steubenville, Ohio was documented by social media. People have been caught attempting to sell children on facebook and others bragging about a hit and run as well as robbery.

Of course not all people are this stupid or brazen so as to wildly brag about crimes on social media but there are other ways. Let’s say you own a reputable company in Phoenix and are making a very important hiring decision and have done what you feel is a thorough background check on an individual. Have you looked into their social media activity? You may find brags about drug use, continual boozing and even theft and other attributes you would never want in an employee.

It does not end of course with employees. Unfaithful spouses will have small attempts to hide their social media activity possibly, with second accounts set up at facebook and twitter where they communicate freely to other people than their spouses. These can be found with careful work and expertise. There are various tools we use here in Phoenix Arizona and in the surrounding areas to make sure we find the information we’re looking for.

Obviously there is a lot of debate about boundaries and privacy and these things are very important. There are good arguments on both sides of this debate to be sure. One key point to consider is if someone is posting information on a publicly shared website, is it really private and sensitive information? That is of course arguable and needs to be thought through. In the coming years, more laws will come down about social media sites, privacy and protection. These things should never be discounted. As Private Investigators in Phoenix, we never want to invade the privacy of individuals or trample into someone’s personal space. Our goal at Veritas Associates is to work for our clients effectively and efficiently and find out the information they need so as to protect them. Social media is a tool, an important one that is ever evolving and is definitely here to stay.

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