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How to Use Social Media in Phoenix Private Investigations

Using Social Media During Phoenix Arizona Private Investigations

In the age of digital information, using social media as part of our routine investigative work is not only good to do, it is vital and would be negligent to omit it. Whether you are looking to investigate someone locally … Continue reading

Arizona Child Custody Investigations With Veritas Associates, LLC

Video Transcript “Veritas Associates LLC, is an Arizona private investigation company. We handle child custody investigations, amongst other types of investigations, and have the particular experience needed to bring resolution to cases of child custody disputes where other investigators may … Continue reading

Know Before You Go – Scottsdale Background Investigations With Veritas Associates, LLC

Video Transcript “Veritas Associates LLC is a Scottsdale, Arizona private investigator agency. We service all of Scottsdale including north Scottsdale, downtown Scottsdale, the entire 101 corridor and old town Scottsdale. We are available to meet clients anywhere in Scottsdale including … Continue reading

Private Investigations Often Require Surveillance – Veritas Associates, LLC


Private Investigations Often Require Surveillance – Veritas Associates, LLC Video Transcript “When doing private investigation, surveillance can be a key tool in uncovering evidence that can lead to the conviction or result that you want in your case. Surveillance can … Continue reading

Top 2 Investigative Techniques Your Scottsdale Detective Should Be Using

Top Two Investigative Techniques Every Scottsdale Private Eye Should Use

There are two important techniques that your Scottsdale AZ detective or private investigator should be utilizing in all of his or her work. If you know about these, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality investigatory services. … Continue reading

Hire A Glendale Private Detective From Veritas Associates To Help Locate A Missing Person

How Our Glendale Arizona Private Detectives Can Help Find Missing Persons Video Transcript “Veritas Associates LLC is an Arizona private investigation company that performs detective work in Glendale, amongst other cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Glendale is a large … Continue reading

Generation “F” for Failing

There seems to be social phenomena afoot in our country involving middle class kids, not underprivileged kids, having children out of wedlock and then failing miserably as biological parents. I’m talking about “20 something’s”, not naive kids in high school. … Continue reading

Background Investigations: 5 Famous Frauds

Applied for a job lately? The forms authorizing background checks are everywhere — and for good reason. After some famous frauds have come to light, companies are hiring private detectives to complete an investigation of new hires, just to make … Continue reading

5 Ways to Find Missing and Hiding People

When you lose something in your house, like your keys or the remote control, searching becomes infuriating because you know unequivocally that this item could not have just vanished. You retrace your steps, you quiz others who might have seen … Continue reading

How Arizona Private Investigators Can Help Obtain Documents For A Legal Document Preparation Company

Becoming an Arizona private investigator, for the most part, won’t parallel a television show with car chases, fights in an alleyway, or following some client’s wife wearing a low-cut dress for days on end. However it can be exciting, and … Continue reading

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