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Locating Hidden Assets

Our Gilbert Private Detective Can Help Locate Hidden AssetsAlong with proving infidelity, Gilbert private detectives help spouses find hidden assets. If a couple has substantial wealth, a person may try to hide assets from the other party. When people suspect this deception, they can retain a private eye to locate this wealth. An Arizona private detective agency can search court records, bank receipts, tax lien documents, and other forms of paperwork to find where that money may be hidden. Many times, this process takes several weeks; however, when the money is discovered, the victimized party can present the evidence to a judge and have the property divided equally.

The offspring of wealthy parents also have reason to use a Gilbert private investigator agency if they suspect that their parents’ money has been hidden from them. This scenario arises frequently when one of their parents has remarried after the divorce or death of the other parent. When their parent dies and they suspect that their step-parent or another individual has restricted their access to their rightful inheritance, these clients can retain investigative services and find out where those assets are. When the financial resources are discovered, this evidence can be contested in court, and the clients may be able to receive their rightful inheritances.

The Importance of Background Investigations

As much as people would like to be able to trust others, they still must safeguard their personal safety before establishing relationships with or entrusting people who will have some role in their lives. Rather than relying on their instincts or unreliable information from friends, neighbors, and associates, people can instead rely upon a professional investigation service to discover key facts about these individuals. By having access to background information about someone, people in Arizona can make safe decisions before establishing a personal or business relationship.

Knowing the facts regarding someone’s background can prevent a person from being taken advantage of or put in harm’s way. With today’s technology, it can be very easy for a person to take on a new identity. People use the Internet to forge documents and create new identities for themselves. They then use these new personas to con people out of money or to take advantage of others. Some con artists even use their false identities as a way to gain trust, only to physically harm them later. Con artists use their charm and wit to get people to trust them and to throw off people’s suspicions. Victims may never suspect that they are being lied to or putting themselves at risk. As much as people would like to believe that others are not capable of such trickery, they cannot put their safety in jeopardy. They can instead rely on a Gilbert Arizona private detective to find out these individuals’ real identities and uncover the con artists’ true intentions. Background investigations should be done before people invest money or make any major purchase from a private seller. Likewise, people can hire an investigator to uncover the truth about people they want to hire, such as nannies, housekeepers, drivers, bodyguards, and others who will be in close contact with clients’ families and have access to their employers’ possessions.

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