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Employee Screening Services In Arizona

Veritas Associates offers employee screening, in which through our comprehensive and thorough research and investigation, allows you as an employer to have accurate Arizona background checks that meet your specific needs. Proper employment screening can and will help you protect your business, as well as protect sensitive information accessible by potential or current employees! Complete Employment Background Investigations also helps to keep your business’s clients or customers safe.

At Veritas Associates, Arizona employment screening is a key factor in helping any employer find quality talent in their employees, as well as any specific risks your potential or current employees may bring to your business, that may not necessarily be apparent on their written resumes or applications originally provided to you! A good example of how proper and extensive employment investigations not being conducted involves real risk, would be, say, businesses that are frequently visited by children, such as doctor’s offices, daycare or childcare businesses, as well as many other kinds of businesses, would be if they were to unknowingly hire a sexual predator, or someone with any history of child abuse or convictions of child abuse would have a high risk of the employer or their business being sued as a result. Any employer that neglects to do employment screening is putting themselves, their business, their clients, and their money at risk of being sued in these situations.

To help protect your business’s livelihood and reputation against any high risk employees, it is detrimental to have employment screening done. This could potentially be saving your company from any monetary losses, from any imposed risks presented by an employee. Information brought fourth by these in depth screenings could be huge helping factors in whether or not it is a good decision to hire certain people for your business. Employment screenings may help you determine a potential employee’s work history and/or work ethic, making it much easier for you to determine whether the current or future employee is a valuable addition or potential risk to your business. Overall, there is really only so much that can be learned from a resume, application, or even interview. Further screening really allows the business to produce a much more clear image of who their potential or current employee is!

Employee Screening By Phoenix Private Investigators

Arizona Investigators are often hired by other companies to handle an employee screening. The business not only has to protect itself from market risks and competition, but also from its own employees that try to game the system. This is even more the case with a company looking to hire a high profile figure. They will need to entrust this figure with sensitive matters of the company. Every business would like to think an applicant is being honest with their claims, but they are often exaggerated at best. These services can be a great way to further detail an applicant’s history with extensive fact checking, while also investigating any other suspicious activity from the individual such as workers compensation claims. It’s a way for employers to have a more objective approach to hiring an individual.

Here at Veritas Associates, it is our overall goal to help you protect yourself as an employer, as well as protect your business or businesses by conducting extensive, timely and accurate Arizona background checks!

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