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Contractor Screening Services In Arizona

Contractor screening is another service Veritas Associates offers it’s local residents, employers and vendors in and around the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona areas, in which the services are mainly used to help examine and/or separate their outsourced workforce into unqualified, and qualified categories, thus allowing the segmentation of the contractor’s necessary qualifications and skills to perform the work needed by those companies or employers. Detailed contractors screenings can provide your company, or you as an employer, the validation of the proper license status, insurance, and criminal record of the individual you are screening, making it a valuable tool when it comes to hiring contractors.

Professional Contractor Screening InvestigationsOver 10 million independent contractors enter the United States workforce every day. Thorough and completely accurate contractor screening really provides the employer with a reliable method to verify information in an individual in an outside workforce. A Phoenix contractor screening process allows the employer, supplier, or firm to see the contractors that generally perform above par, at par(average) or below par, which may be needed to make any additional efforts before coming onto the work site.

Contractors hired, can directly affect your business, or organization’s professional reputation. Any contractors, vendors, or temporary employees or other individuals that you hire have access to potentially put your company at risk. A contractor screening is done to the same extent or level as employee background checks, ensuring you are getting all of the information necessary to determine whether certain individuals are a good fit or not.

At Veritas Associates we offer unbiased results, timely processing, and accurate information for background verifications necessary when running a contractors screening. All contractor screenings, and background checks are implemented in a consistent and fair manner by Veritas Associates, as we know that each employer and each company’s offered positions will have diverse and specific requirements.

For any employer looking to hire a contractor, conducting Arizona contractors screenings can and will significantly lower the levels of risk related to workplace incidents such as fraud, negligence, theft or misuse of property, violence, embezzlement, corporate espionage, as well as high employee related costs. Many of our clients here at Veritas Associates conveniently engage in multiple levels of Arizona background checks from our private investigators, providing efficient information as well as any red-flags brought up from initial screening results, thus protecting you and your business from risk! Let Veritas Associates guide you in the right direction when it comes to screening and employing contractors!!

Contractor Screening by Phoenix Private Detectives

Homeowners, and businesses alike, have too often fell victim to the fraudulent behaviors of hired contractors. Sadly, many of them are left spending even more money in a small claims court where justice is hardly served. A good way to combat this problem, is to stop it in its tracks beforehand. This is why many hire the Arizona private detective to run a contractor screening. A contractor screening can help determine critical factors about a contractor’s abilities to perform the duties legally, and credibly. The detectives can investigate PFQ forms to ensure the contractor has the appropriate licenses to begin the work in the first place. They can further examine any insurance policies to ensure they are carrying enough liability for the task. A thorough screening can also uncover any previous claims against the contractor to build a credible portfolio on the vendor.

Whether it’s a simple inquiry into an individual, or more severe cases such as kidnapping, private detectives are the solution to many of the problems facing the people of Arizona. These specialists are working tirelessly on the areas of life that require the most security. As a result of their private tasks, they are saving companies and individuals millions every year, and the painstaking emotions that are felt by dealing with a fraudulent entity. Their unique skill set can prevent these misfortunes, and help rectify ones that are happening today.

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