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Employee & Contractor Background Checks

Veritas Associates proudly provides you with proper and accurate information as well as a number of different types of employee and or contractor background checks necessary when considering hiring a new employee or contractor, such as reference checking, criminal history and background, interviews, educational history as well as academic records! All of this information provided to you by our educated Arizona Private Investigators can potentially save you from making any misinformed decisions as well as any risk or loss for you or your company.

Veritas Associates suggest checking credit reports, if the individual in question is willing to cooperate, as well as confirming legal social security numbers, validating their right to work, as well as making sure their number matches their claimed identity, saving you any potential arising issues of fraud or loss. A hopeful hire, whether employee or contractor, is as unique in the workforce, as fingerprints are distinct to each individual. Veritas Associates is such an unique private investigator agency that is highly committed to supplying our clientele with intricate and very distinctive qualities and characteristics of an employee or contractor background check that other companies are unable or unwilling to provide for you!

Some TOP reasons for making sure you as an employer or business owner should always conduct employee and or contractor background checks are to protect you from negligent hiring, which can result in lawsuit if an employee’s actions or decisions hurt someone, YOU could be liable. Another good reason is to protect you and your company from terrorism, identity theft and fraud and thanks to the Terrorist Acts of September 2011, there are heightened security strategies used to prevent this. Also of course, federal and state laws require these employee and contractor specific background checks be done for certain positions or jobs, especially those involved in working with children, the disable, or the elderly, in order to protect them. Though likely one of the most important reason to make sure you run an Arizona employer/contractor background check is to protect any computer databases, systems, or accounts that your employee or contractor would have access to personal data records, or even monies.

Employers who want to know whether or not their potential workers can be trusted often choose to have background checks performed on them. Phoenix private investigators carry out these tasks by searching court records for evidence of a person’s criminal activities, sets up surveillance to find out if that person’s actions are trustworthy, and interviews the person’s acquaintances to learn details about that person that may not otherwise be known. Background checks are important for employers whose businesses require discretion, caution, and attentiveness. They want to be able to trust a person with their money, their families, or their children. Employers who routinely ask for background checks include financial institutions, such as banks or mortgage companies, armed guard and surveillance businesses, and private families who want to hire a nanny, housekeeper, or driver for their families.

Veritas Associates unique commitment to the integrity and accuracy of their provided results from employee and contractor background checks along with our other services and information is only surpassed by our high level genuine interest in each of you and your business’s well being, as well as our commitment to our communities in Phoenix, Arizona as well as Scottsdale, Arizona, and all surrounding locations!

Background Checks By Arizona Private Detectives

One of the most common used services of Arizona private detectives, is their ability to run background checks. Here, the detective compiles a portfolio of an individual through criminal, financial, and other public documents that are not so easily accessible. People from all walks of life are concerned with whom they are dealing on a day to day basis with. A growing trend of unpopular headlines, have many wondering about the person they may be dating. A quick behind the scenes investigation, could relax one’s nerves knowing that their partner is exactly who they claim to be. It can also be an eye opening experience that could potentially save any future problems from being associated with a leery individual. This carries over to all areas of life with suspicious neighbors, teachers, friends, and colleagues as well.

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