Who Are You Dating?

In this day and time we can no longer be sure that “Mr. Right” isn’t “Mr. Wrong” or that “Miss Right” isn’t a complete fraud. If you have nagging trust issues or serious doubts in a new relationship that is a warning sign already. Allow us to put your mind at ease or verify your fears. Best case scenario we alleviate your fears and verify you have found a person worthy of your trust. Worst case scenario our protective background inquiry discloses that you have are being deceived and could become a victim if you don’t walk away right now. One scenario is more desirable of course but both leave you more confident in your ultimate relationship decisions.

Get Peace of Mind With Veritas Associates InvestigationsWhen people begin dating someone new, they may wonder if the other person is being honest about whom he or she claims to be. Finding out for sure can be difficult if people do not know what methods to use to find out a person’s background. However, when people rely on Veritas, they can be assured that they will be given accurate information about their dating partner and can then take the appropriate actions to protect themselves.

Staying safe in a relationship is particularly important to people who bring children into the relationship. They need to safeguard their children from potential predators. While many offenders are registered and listed online, others are not required by the state to register. Their criminal histories could be inaccessible to the public. However, the professionals at Veritas know the methods needed to find out someone’s criminal background. They can discover what offenses someone was convicted for and help clients decide how much of a threat their dating partners are.

Sometimes criminal histories are not the only threat people need to consider. A person in a new relationship might also need to consider whether or not the other person is already married. Bigamists and serial cheaters often go to great lengths to hide their spouses’ existence. They do not want to get caught cheating on their marriages. However, if a client becomes suspicious and wants to know for sure that he or she is the other person’s only romantic partner, this individual can find out for sure by relying on Veritas Associates.

Veritas can search public records and set up surveillance of the other person. The professionals can follow people to find out where they go during the day and if they have someone else waiting for them at home. Uncovering this information can help clients who want to protect themselves from dishonest partners. They can help these individuals find out if their partners are serious about establishing monogamous relationships.

Some people might be reluctant to check out their partner’s background. However, most safety experts agree that people going into the modern dating arena today cannot be too careful. With more people engaging in online dating, it can be very easy for individuals to be taken advantage of and deceived. In the best case scenario, clients might not have anything to worry about that would disrupt their new relationships. However, when they want peace of mind, they can hire Veritas Associates to find out the truth about their dating partner.

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